Empower Your Business with Ultra-Secure File Transfers

Seamlessly Receive Files with the Assurance of End-to-End Encryption.

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Elevate Your File Transfers with Portals

Introducing Portals: Your hub for receiving files with end-to-end encryption. Thanks to the renowned XChaCha20-Poly encryption technology, your data is safeguarded with unmatched security. And rest assured, only you possess the decryption key, further emphasizing our commitment to your privacy.

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Marrying Security with Brand Identity

Portals seamlessly marries design and safety. Customize your portal with your brand's logo, colors, and imagery, all within an encrypted space that only you and your chosen recipients can access.

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Simplicity and Customization at its Best

With Portals, sharing files or messages is as straightforward as opening, composing, selecting, and sending. It's an effortless experience that your clients or partners will appreciate.

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Take Control with Customizable Settings

Tailor your Portal to your needs. You control the settings - password, file number and size limits, and even sharing permissions.

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Stay Informed with Instant Notifications

Stay in the loop. Get instant dashboard and email notifications every time someone uses your Portal.

Understanding the Portals Credit System

Portals adopts the same transparent and user-friendly credit system that's at the heart of QRClip's appeal. Here's a quick refresher:

  • Downloading: 0.5 credits per GB.
  • Storage: 0.5 credits per GB for up to 15 days, and 1 credit per GB for 30 days.
  • Reimbursements: Delete stored files early and get reimbursed for unused storage credits.

However, there's a twist when using Portals:

Every file transfer via Portals consumes credits, irrespective of the file size or expiration limit. Sending a QRClip through Portals has a nominal charge of just 0.001 credits, ensuring a consistent and straightforward approach to credit usage.

In short, while QRClip offers certain allowances for smaller transfers and shorter storage durations, with Portals, every secure transfer is accounted for, providing clarity and predictability in credit consumption.

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