End-to-End Encrypted Dynamic QR Codes

Unparalleled Privacy and Flexibility in Sharing with QRClip’s Cutting-Edge QR Technology

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Top-Level Encryption for Your Privacy

Keep your data safe with our unique dynamic QR codes. Only you and your chosen viewers can see what’s inside. We can't see your links, guaranteeing total privacy. Share freely, knowing your data is safe and private.

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Password-Protected Links

Add a password to keep your links extra secure. Share with peace of mind, knowing only people with the password can get in.

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Control When Your QR Codes Work

Decide exactly when your QR codes can be used. Set dates and times for when your content can be accessed, perfect for limited-time offers or private info. This way, your content is seen only when you want it to be.

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Set Scan Limits

Choose how many times each link can be opened. This control is great for special offers or private messages, making every scan important.

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Random Link Choice in One QR Code

Mix things up by adding several links to one QR code. Each scan can lead to a different place, great for variety and testing what works best.

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Simple, Privacy-Safe Stats

Get just the right amount of info - how many times your QR code was scanned and the latest scan. We keep track without invading privacy, giving you useful insights while respecting everyone’s data.

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Make QR Codes Your Way

Design your QR codes to match your style or brand. Choose your own colors, shapes, and logos to make your QR codes stand out.

Pricing Overview

Dynamic QR Codes at QRClip offer unmatched value and flexibility. Each code costs just one credit for a full year's use. If you choose to delete a code before the year is up, we'll reimburse the unused portion of your credit. After one year, you can renew your code to maintain editability, or let it continue to function indefinitely without edits. Plus, enjoy unlimited scans per QR code, ensuring your content reaches as wide an audience as you desire. Experience cost-effective, innovative sharing with QRClip's Dynamic QR Codes.