QRClip's Commitment to User Privacy and Data Protection


qrclip user privacy

At QRClip, we prioritize user privacy above all else. We understand the importance of protecting sensitive information, and that's why we have implemented robust security measures to ensure the utmost protection of our users' email addresses and passwords.

Our users' email addresses are stored in our database in hashed form, which means we can identify a user's account during login but cannot access the email addresses in plain text. When you create an account with QRClip, your email address will be hashed and look something like this:


Hashing is a one-way function that is virtually irreversible. When you log in, we apply the same hashing function to your input, generating the same hash and allowing us to authenticate your account. Reversing the hash to obtain the email address is impossible within a reasonable amount of time. For user email addresses, we employ SHA256 hashing with a salt. Passwords are hashed using BCrypt, which offers even greater security.

We also use encryption during data transfer and storage to further safeguard your information. The client app is monitored, ensuring that any unauthorized changes are detected and addressed promptly. This makes it extremely difficult for an attacker to obtain the encryption key, thus preventing unauthorized access to user data.

Due to the hashing and encryption methods we employ, even in the unlikely event of a security breach, attackers would have a hard time extracting any valuable information from our database. As a result, your data remains protected and confidential at all times.

It is important to note that we use third-party platforms, such as postmarkapp.com and stripe.com, to send emails and process payments, which means these platforms have access to our users' email addresses. However, we promise not to access this information unless it is necessary to resolve a payment issue or any other problem at the user's request. You can review their privacy policies here: Postmark Privacy Policy and Stripe Privacy Policy.

While we cannot directly contact users via email due to our hashed email storage, we are committed to providing timely updates on potential security issues through our website, twitter and reddit . We recommend users regularly check these channels for important updates related to their accounts.

If you have any privacy or security concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team through email. We are committed to transparency and open communication with our user base.

In conclusion, QRClip values user privacy and is dedicated to preserving it, even if it presents challenges for our team. We continually strive to provide the highest level of security and protection for our users’ personal information, ensuring a safe and reliable platform for all.