Secret Vault: end-to-end encrypted.


qrclip secret vault


In the digital age, your privacy is not just a concern, it's a necessity. At QRClip, we've always placed your privacy at the forefront of our priorities. With our zero-knowledge architecture, your data remains a secret, even to us. Previously, the encryption key resided solely within your QRClip URLs and QR codes, ensuring your data was beyond even our reach. But now, we're enhancing our commitment to privacy by enabling the storage of the encryption key in an end-to-end encrypted environment.

We're excited to introduce the Secret Vault feature - a state-of-the-art secure storehouse designed to safeguard your QRClip secret data. With this new feature, your sensitive information is safely tucked away in a vault, accessible only to you. Welcome to a new era of security and ease. Welcome to QRClip's Secret Vault.

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What is the Secret Vault?

Imagine a personal safety deposit box, but in the digital realm. A place where your precious QRClips can rest securely. That's what QRClip's Vault is all about.

The Vault is a unique feature that sets QRClip apart, offering an additional layer of protection for your sensitive data. This data vault is fortified by a robust security protocol involving your account login password and a unique Vault passphrase. With this implementation, we provide a fortress for your data that is virtually impossible to breach.

Additionally, we offer the option to add a security level to the vault. The higher the level, the longer it takes to open the vault, making brute force attempts nearly impossible. This makes the Secret Vault a digital fortress for your data.

Curious about how this all works behind the scenes? We invite you to explore our security white paper. Dive deeper into the technical realm of QRClip and see for yourself how we prioritize your privacy.

Stay tuned for our next section where we delve into the advantages of our dual-password system and how to effectively leverage it!

Why Two Passwords? The Double-Lock Security

The use of two passwords creates an additional layer of security. The account password, which is ideally unique and random for every platform you use, acts as the first layer of defense. If you adhere to good security practices, you'll keep this password stored in a password manager. QRClip, like other platforms, offers a 'Remember Me' feature, so you're not constantly punching in your password.

However, with the vault, it's a different story. The vault houses your personal messages, files, and other data. Therefore, the protection of this data needs to be fortified to the highest level. Hence, the use of a second, distinct password for the vault.

The second password, also known as the vault password, should ideally be a passphrase - something easy to remember like "BlueDinosaurLikesPizza!". This passphrase never leaves your device, providing another layer of security. Having two separate passwords means that an attacker would need both your account password and vault password to access your stored data, exponentially increasing your security.

Moreover, the two-password system enables a customizable security level for the vault. You can choose to make your vault take more time to open, making it even harder for anyone to guess your password.

In essence, the dual-password system is like having two different locks on a safe. It enhances your data protection, ensuring only you have the keys to your digital treasures.

In the next section, we'll explore how to set up your vault. Stay tuned!

Get Started: How to Set Up Your Vault

Think of setting up your Secret Vault as constructing your own digital fortress, a safe haven for your QRClips. The process is straightforward. You'll be prompted to create a vault when you perform an action that requires it, such as storing a QRClip or creating a Portal. For this guide, we'll start the process from the home menu.

Step 1: Begin by clicking on the 'Vault' option on the home page.

qrclip home page

Step 2: To access your vault, either click the padlock icon or navigate through the menu using the three-dot icon, then select 'Open.'

qrclip vault closed

Step 3: As you don't have a vault yet, the system will guide you through the creation process. Start by clicking on 'LET'S GET STARTED'

secret vault create wizard

Step 4: Input your account password, and click 'CONFIRM PASSWORD.' This serves as the first layer of security for your vault.

secret vault input account password

Step 5: Now, set a unique passphrase for your Secret Vault. Ensure it's different from your account password and is something you can easily remember. A memorable phrase like "BlueDinosaurLikesPizza!" is ideal. This password remains strictly on your device and is required to authenticate your access to the vault. After entering your password, click 'SET VAULT PASSWORD' to continue.

select the vault password

Step 6: Lastly, select the security level for your vault. While the minimum level provides significant protection, a higher level increases the time it takes to open your vault, effectively deterring brute-force attempts. Once you've made your decision, click on 'SELECT DIFFICULTY LEVEL'. You also have the option to test the time it takes for each level to open the vault.

vault security level

Step 7: Your digital fortress is now ready! Click on 'COMPLETE SETUP' to finalize the creation of your vault.

After setting up your vault, you'll receive a recovery code. Treat this as you would a spare key - it's the only method to recover your vault should you forget your password. Store it in a secure place, like a password manager. Please remember, we can't recover your password for you as we prioritize your privacy above all else. Your digital fortress is now fully operational!

vault recovery code

Next, we'll guide you on how to store your QRClips in your new Secret Vault!

Storing QRClips in the Secret Vault

Now that your vault is set up and ready, it's time to store your QRClips within it. Think of it as your very own digital treasure chest! Here's how you can store your QRClip in the vault:

Step 1: Click on the QRClip logo to go to the home page, then click 'SEND'.

Step 2: Draft your message and hit the 'Send' button.

send a QRClip

Step 3: Once your message is ready, click on the 'Vault' button to ensure its secure storage.

store QRClip to secret vault

Step 5: You'll then be prompted to name your QRClip. Think of this as labeling your treasure before storing it in the chest! Once you've named it, click 'OK'.

name the secret vault entry

And there you have it! Your QRClip is now securely stored in your vault. But don't just take our word for it - let's verify it ourselves. To do this, click on the three-dot menu and select 'Vault'.

open qrclip vault from menu

Here, you'll find your stored QRClip within the vault. To access it, simply click on it!

qrclip saved at secret vault

Additionally, if you swipe the row to the left, you'll be presented with two options: delete the QRClip or view its statistics. As you can see, navigating the vault is user-friendly and intuitive.

vault entry options

Modifying Your Vault Password and Understanding Data Storage: Strengthening Your Vault

Want to modify your vault password? It's an uncomplicated process:

Step 1: Click on the three dots to open the menu.

vault menu

Step 2: Click 'Change Your Vault Password'.

Step 3: You'll be prompted to enter your account password, the new vault password, and to select the security level.

Keep in mind, altering your vault password presents another chance to fortify your security level. Pick a unique passphrase that's easy for you to remember, yet difficult for others to guess. Consistent with QRClip's dedication to end-to-end encryption, this new password never leaves your device.

While on this topic, it's worth discussing data storage in your vault. All data stored in your Secret Vault undergoes encryption, rendering it unreadable to anyone without the right vault password. You, the user, are the sole holder of the encryption keys, which means not even QRClip can access your data. This ultimate level of secure data storage ensures that your QRClips remain safe and only accessible by you.

In the next section, we'll explore how to import and export data using the Secret Vault. Stay tuned!

Import and Export with data encryption

The Secret Vault's versatility isn't limited to just storing your QRClips. It also allows you to import and export your data securely. Whether you need to create backups or rotate the vault encryption key, these features got you covered. Let's explore how to perform these actions.

Exporting Data from Your Vault:

  • Open the vault menu, just as we did previously when changing the password.
  • Select 'Export'.
  • You'll be given an option to encrypt the exported file with a password. Input a password if you wish to add this extra layer of protection. If you opt not to use a password, bear in mind that your data will be exported unencrypted, for that just keep the password field empty.

Importing Data into Your Vault:

The process of importing data is just as simple:

  • Open the vault menu.
  • Choose 'Import'.
  • Select the file you aim to import. If the file is password-protected, you'll need to provide the correct password to proceed.

The import/export functions prove to be particularly useful in scenarios where your vault or device might be compromised. In such cases, you can export your data before eliminating the existing vault. After establishing a new vault, you can then import your data back, ensuring a seamless transition and minimal disturbance.

Having explored data import and export, let's now discuss the vault deletion.

Erasing Your Vault: An Easy Yet Safety-Centric Procedure

There may be instances where you need to erase your vault. The deletion process with QRClip's Secret Vault has been designed to be user-friendly while upholding your security. Here's the process:

  • Open the vault menu.
  • Select 'Delete'.
  • You'll be asked to enter your account email. This is required because, in line with our privacy practices, we don't store your email in plain text within our database. Instead, we use hashing to ensure we can validate the input email with your account, but we can't retrieve the email from our records.
  • After you've provided the correct email, we'll send a unique code to that address.
    qrclip delete vault email
  • Enter the received code to finalize the deletion procedure.

By implementing these two steps – validating your email and entering a specific code – we enhance the security measures guarding your data.

Please remember: erasing your vault is a major step and should be approached with caution. Once removed, you won't be able to access the QRClips kept inside your private vault. Therefore, ensure you've exported any data you might need prior to erasing your vault.

In the next section, we'll investigate an intriguing feature of QRClip's Secret Vault - the 'Remember Me' function.

The 'Remember Me' Feature: Convenience Coupled With Security

Our Secret Vault, a key application within QRClip, incorporates a useful function known as 'Remember Me'. True to its name, this feature enables the vault to 'retain' your credentials for a specified duration, negating the need to enter your vault password every time you wish to gain access. Here's the procedure to activate this function:

  • When you refresh the page or close and reopen the app, the vault will be closed. This is because the "Remember Me" feature wasn't enabled when the vault was created.
  • Tap on the padlock to initiate the unlocking process.
  • Input your vault password.
  • Choose the duration you wish for the vault to stay open from the 'Remember Me' options.
vault password open

While this feature provides user convenience, it's essential to exercise prudence in its use. We suggest activating the 'Remember Me' option only on devices that are trusted and regularly safeguarded. Despite the secure storage of encrypted information, no method can offer absolute security if a malicious entity gains access to your device.

However, we have safety measures in place. Our 'Remember Me' feature includes a security protocol for such scenarios. If your device is lost or suspected of being compromised, you can promptly invalidate all your 'Remember Me' sessions of the vault. Here's how:

  • Access your QRClip account from another device.
  • Navigate to the account page.

By following these steps, you'll make all past 'Remember Me' sessions ineffective, offering a robust safety net against unauthorized access to your vault. For a more comprehensive understanding of the security measures associated with this feature, feel free to peruse our security white paper.

In the following section, we'll conclude our exploration of QRClip's Secret Vault and its crucial role in preserving data privacy.

Conclusion: Prioritizing Privacy in Innovation

As we conclude our exploration of QRClip's Secret Vault, we wish to reiterate the fundamental value that drives our innovation - your privacy. Our primary objective has always revolved around safeguarding your data, and the unveiling of the Secret Vault represents a significant leap in enhancing the security of your QRClips and, consequently, your peace of mind.

The Secret Vault, an indispensable tool, provides a personalized sanctuary for your QRClip URLs, including standard QRClips, multi-receivers, and portal admin data. Its distinct features such as dual-password security, adjustable security levels, robust data storage, and the 'Remember Me' functionality, collectively ensure the protection of your sensitive information, even from us.

Indeed, the development of a product with end-to-end encryption does introduce certain complexities. Often, it's more convenient to execute features without such encryption. However, at QRClip, we value your security and privacy above usability. If compelled to make a choice between the two, we invariably lean towards bolstering your privacy and security.

Our commitment to privacy and security isn't confined to the Secret Vault. We continually strive to broaden our suite of privacy-centric features. Thus, watch this space for more improvements engineered to keep your data secure, your control over it unmitigated, and your trust in us well-founded.

With the Secret Vault, we aren't just storing data; we're preserving your digital heritage. At QRClip, your privacy isn't merely a feature—it's a pledge.